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Let us help you find the right international medical travel insurance.

Church & Mission Plans

Travel Medical Insurance Plans for Travelers Serving Abroad

Your ministry extends beyond your building – so should your health coverage.
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Business & Conference Plans

Travel Medical Insurance Plans for the Business & Conference Traveler

Attending a convention this year? Include travel convention insurance as part of your strategy.
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Cruise Ship Plans

Travel Medical Insurance Plans for the Cruise Ship Traveler

Set Sail… out to sea with our cruise travel insurance. The best part of cruise travel is leaving your worries behind and enjoying each port of call.
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Groups Plans

Travel Medical Insurance Plans for Groups Travelers

itravelIQ works to offer medical insurance and much more to individuals, families, and groups assigned outside their home country for 12 or more months.
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Senior Travel Plans

Travel Medical Insurance Plans for Seniors

Since Medicare stops at the border, and does not travel with you, we have gathered plans designed to help protect you and your wallet. A senior’s travel plan is the only way to go.
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Student Plans

Travel Insurance Plans for inbound or outbound Student Travelers

Student study abroad and cultural exchange programs should be enjoying and gratifying in your educational journey. Make sure you’re covered should you get sick or hurt while abroad.
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Educators Plans

Travel Medical Insurance Plans for Educators

International educators find themselves in a variety of locations around the globe, as well as in a variety of medical care options from high quality coverage similar to U.S. style health care to no coverage at all.
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Adventure Plans

Travel Medical Insurance Plans for the Expedition & Adventure Traveler

Are you an adventure traveler searching for thrills, exploration, fun, or simply seeking the off-road path? We’ve hand-picked a list of adventure travel insurance plans that cover most sport activities.
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Expatriates Plans

International medical options for expatriates living outside their home countries

You need a plan specifically designed for your needs, and with medical benefits familiar to you. Not all foreign medical plans in a another country are equal, if you have them at all.
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Vacation Plans

Travel Insurance Plans for the Vacation Traveler

Your vacation should be fun, relaxing, and care-free, so add one of our vacation insurance plans to your packing list.
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Visitors To USA

Travel Insurance Plans for Travelers Visiting the USA

Are you planning a visit to the USA? Are you visiting family members or taking a holiday? Our travel insurance to the USA provides coverage for new accidents and new sicknesses.
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